Distance Learning Program

A new format has been developed for this program availiable through email correspondence. The technique used, which is the Mahasi Method of Vipassna/ Insight Meditation remains the same.

Please contact us for further details.

Special Services
We will not be able to offer any more of our "retreats" due to our changed circumstances. However, we would be willing to help you as much as possible with your practice by trying to accommodate and discuss some of your questions regarding any of "your own individual and personal experiences" that you may encounter in your practice under the "Mahasi technique". This is to be carried out by email correspondence. This is an additional service offered apart from our Distance Learning Program.

Any further inquiries on this service are most welcome.

E-Books for Free Download
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.
(New) The Practice of Metta
The Practice of Mindfulness

We have recently opened a new facebook account where we hope to post short articles relating to our daily life every now and then! We Hope to have frequent visits from all of you. It's an open book to the public, come check it out and share some of your experiences.

Publications for Free Distribution
We will be publishing "small booklets", occasionally on topics relating to the practical aspects of the practice of Insight / Vipassana meditation. These are free for distribution as e-books or hard printed copies for those who prefer it.

Please watch for them in our Calendar of Events.

All enquiries or correspondences may be made by email to: